Bride on a Budget

As a bride, and a bride on a budget at that, I was very particular about how I wanted my reception to look and feel. I chose a dessert themed reception with a coffee bar and after talking with a friend, found Tim and Anna with Top Hat Espresso (T.H.E) and was blown away!! Not only did they come to my location with all their own supplies, they were very affordable, offered superb drink choices, and treated every single one of my guests as if they were the only one (and there was a never ending line!). In the midst of the craziness, I was able to slip away and try one of their drinks- hot favorite! It was amazing!

After the reception, I received many high compliments about T.H.E.- how their service was amazing and how their drinks were comparable to big name companies!

Thank you, Tim and Anna, for making my reception not only affordable, but also a ton of fun! I would highly recommend them for any occasion!