The Woodleys

My wife and I heard about T.H.E. from a friend and thought it would be a great addition to our coffee house and dessert themed wedding reception. After looking at their website and emailing a little we decided to go with it. The price was amazing for what we got! We paid for the wedding ourselves, hence the dessert reception, so it wasn't a huge grand event, but we wanted something our guests would enjoy. Without a doubt T.H.E. was the hit of the reception! The line was huge from the moment we walked in, and only by having my giant of a best man ask for two drinks for the bride and groom did we even get to try anything!

The coffee selection was great, the baristas were wonderful, and everything went so well with cookies, brownies, and cakes we had.

We snuck away for a moment to thank Tim and Anna because they certainly worked their butts off!!!! Imagine the craziest day you have seen at Starbucks but only with two baristas and you get an idea of how busy they were. Once we returned home we heard from quite a few guests how much everyone loved the coffee there and I think everyone had at least one drink. It certainly was as the previous reviewer wrote the icing on the cake for the event and made our special day all the more special! Thanks Tim and Anna for all you did! Love, The Woodleys