Renee & Reggie

My husband Reginald "Reggie" Berry and I were married at JG Domestic in Philadelphia, PA on June 20th of this year, and hiring Tim and the gang at Top Hat Espresso was one of our best moves! Although we still served wine, beer, and alcohol at our wedding we personally aren't really drinkers. I do LOVE however espresso based drinks, chai's etc... so I knew I had to search for a vendor like Top Hat. I wasn't disappointed! Tim made everything so EASY!

From start to finish, the process of booking this company was simple and they really came through! I wish I had more photos of them serving our guests, but I'm glad to have the ones that I do have... every guest with a cup looked extremely happy! People couldn't stop talking about how cool it was to be able to just order pretty much ANY drink! We even signed up to offer the "cold drink/iced coffee" package.

Thanks Top Hat! I hope to have another event in the future, so I can call on you and your team!

Warmest Regards,

Renee and Reggie Berry #EatDRINKAndBeBerry