Feels like Christmas!

So, my name is Tim Pearson, (owner of Top Hat espresso). I figured today would be a great day to start my blog, considering my espresso machine came in the mail today! Not only that, but loads of things came today. I got all my flavor syrups, tablecloth, chai latte mix, and loads of other toys that wouldn't really appeal to you, but do me all kinds of good in the forefront of starting this business. 

So, I spent most of today, piecing things together and working out all the kinks. Finally after hours of frustration and confusion, .....she was ready to pull a shot of espresso. I scrounged up some fresh beans and ran them through the brand new grinder. The espresso (ethiopian sidamo) was delicious! I shared a shot of espresso, and a dark chocolate hazelnut latte with my dad, and we both really enjoyed them. (and that means a lot since my dad claims to not like coffee) I doubt he'll be sleeping tonight.

Well, things are coming together quickly now, and I hope to be serving guests of your event or party withing the next couple weeks.