People seem to like it!

It's been a little while since my last post, and it's not because we haven't been busy. In fact, things have been picking up nicely. The job has taken Anna (my wife) and I to some cool places, and we look forward to seeing even more.

Over the last couple months we've served espresso at a wedding in an aquarium, which was really unique due to the giant shark tanks which pretty much made up the wall for the reception hall. Also got to help a friend of the family make their wedding a little more special all the way down in South Carolina in a history museum, which was interesting and created a very nice atmosphere. Most recently we catered our first Bat Mitzvah, which was neat because we got to visit one of the oldest Temple's in Philly, and it was beautiful.

 We've continued taking on opportunities to help out fundraisers when given the chance, this last month we got involved with "Amazing Transformations" which helps children with special needs.  We've also built a good relationship with a medical school here in Stratford, NJ called UMDNJ. It started with helping with a fundraiser by "Save a Child's Heart Foundation". After that we were able to serve over 100 students while they studied for their big exams and will hopefully be going back again for their next ones. Someones gotta keep them awake! 

In the present time we are starting to get more into corporate places, serving espresso in the work place for special occasions, which has been quite exciting thus far, and we hope it continues to grow.

Overall Anna and I have had a great time traveling around to different occasions to help put a smile on many people's faces. It's really a privilege to not only provide caffeine for desperate people, but to see the shock of enjoyment in the taste of our drinks and hear that it's some of the best coffee that they've tasted.