Blast of business, and a little fame

Wow, time certainly flies. I just noticed it's been a whole year since I posted anything to this blog. I'm happy to say that business has picked up since last year, especially in these last two months. Prior to April 2014 we were averaging anywhere from 3-6 events per month, and this April we had 11 events! Sometimes two in the same day! In May we did 10 events as well.

It's helped to break into the corporate world a little. We've gotten multiple jobs for all sorts of company events, expos, and conferences. We also continue to serve up delicious drinks at weddings. We've also had the pleasure of doing a graduation, a couple bat mitzphas, and a children's birthday party at an ice skating rink. Anna and I have gotten to see all sorts of interesting things. 

The highlight of this year though would have to be just last month when we got the amazing opportunity to set up during and on the set of a Celebrity Apprentice episode. We got to serve Geraldo Rivera, Kate Goslin, Lorrenzo Lamas, Sig Hanson from the "Deadliest Catch", and Ivanka Trump. It was really a good time and we're glad we could help the celebs with their task. Lets just hope they don't get fired! So, please remember to watch the upcoming season of Celebrity Apprentice to see yours truly, Top Hat Espresso's first national T.V. debut.