Gelato anyone!?

As you can see, I'm not the best at keeping my blog full, but I thought I'd write an update since another year has rolled by. Time has really been flying. Business continues to steadily grow as we continue filling people's mugs with delicious beverages. We've even had the opportunity to hire some great baristas at events that I couldn't be at because I was catering another event elsewhere. 

Just a month ago we were able to help raise funds for a charter school in center city Philadelphia making espresso drinks and smoothies. That reminds me....since my last post, my wife an I purchased our first home and moved into the great city of brotherly love! We are loving it, and it never would have been possible if not for the caffeine craving clients of ours. It is quite an adjustment living in the city.

But what does that have to do with gelato you ask? Well...I think we are ready for an addition to espresso catering, and what goes better with espresso than fresh Italian gourmet gelato. That's right, within the next week or two we will be rolling out our mobile gelato service that will be available with or without the espresso bar. Up to six flavors will be available to guests.

So it you wanna try it out, please give us a call and we'll be there. 


Blast of business, and a little fame

Wow, time certainly flies. I just noticed it's been a whole year since I posted anything to this blog. I'm happy to say that business has picked up since last year, especially in these last two months. Prior to April 2014 we were averaging anywhere from 3-6 events per month, and this April we had 11 events! Sometimes two in the same day! In May we did 10 events as well.

It's helped to break into the corporate world a little. We've gotten multiple jobs for all sorts of company events, expos, and conferences. We also continue to serve up delicious drinks at weddings. We've also had the pleasure of doing a graduation, a couple bat mitzphas, and a children's birthday party at an ice skating rink. Anna and I have gotten to see all sorts of interesting things. 

The highlight of this year though would have to be just last month when we got the amazing opportunity to set up during and on the set of a Celebrity Apprentice episode. We got to serve Geraldo Rivera, Kate Goslin, Lorrenzo Lamas, Sig Hanson from the "Deadliest Catch", and Ivanka Trump. It was really a good time and we're glad we could help the celebs with their task. Lets just hope they don't get fired! So, please remember to watch the upcoming season of Celebrity Apprentice to see yours truly, Top Hat Espresso's first national T.V. debut.  

People seem to like it!

It's been a little while since my last post, and it's not because we haven't been busy. In fact, things have been picking up nicely. The job has taken Anna (my wife) and I to some cool places, and we look forward to seeing even more.

Over the last couple months we've served espresso at a wedding in an aquarium, which was really unique due to the giant shark tanks which pretty much made up the wall for the reception hall. Also got to help a friend of the family make their wedding a little more special all the way down in South Carolina in a history museum, which was interesting and created a very nice atmosphere. Most recently we catered our first Bat Mitzvah, which was neat because we got to visit one of the oldest Temple's in Philly, and it was beautiful.

 We've continued taking on opportunities to help out fundraisers when given the chance, this last month we got involved with "Amazing Transformations" which helps children with special needs.  We've also built a good relationship with a medical school here in Stratford, NJ called UMDNJ. It started with helping with a fundraiser by "Save a Child's Heart Foundation". After that we were able to serve over 100 students while they studied for their big exams and will hopefully be going back again for their next ones. Someones gotta keep them awake! 

In the present time we are starting to get more into corporate places, serving espresso in the work place for special occasions, which has been quite exciting thus far, and we hope it continues to grow.

Overall Anna and I have had a great time traveling around to different occasions to help put a smile on many people's faces. It's really a privilege to not only provide caffeine for desperate people, but to see the shock of enjoyment in the taste of our drinks and hear that it's some of the best coffee that they've tasted. 

Things are starting to roll along.

Well, it's been an exciting last week or two. We got to cater our first event with much thanks to the host for giving us the opportunity to test out everything on them. It was a small engagement party, about 25 people. Set up and break down went smoother than we thought, and we got to make delicious drinks for everyone. Apparently we were the talk of the party except for the bride and groom to be of course. We got to put a lot of smiles on people's faces, and also met a couple very cool people who are in the wedding industry that were very eager to help us network. Moving onward, we're excited to say that we'll be attending and vending at an upcoming bridal show this Sunday. It should give us the great opportunity to meet with wedding planners, and people that are planning their own wedding and looking at vendors. We will be the only espresso caterers there giving out free beverages to all who are curious. We're also excited to say that we got into the Woodcrest Elementary school's winter carnival, which is held as a fundraiser for the PTA. I will be there selling soothing warm drinks to all the parents, teachers, and children and donating 50% to the fundraiser. Well, that's most of the excitement for now. Oh, and married life has been incredible thus far. Thanks be to God.  

The beggining of something special

So a little over a month has now past since my last post, and I'm happy to now say,"I'm a married man!" Its been very crazy this past month putting all the pieces of a wedding together. ( or should I say, watching my soon to be wife go crazy doing it). No need to say, that consequently Top Hat has been on hold. The wedding was a great success, and now that we've gotten through it, the challenge and beauty of marriage begins. Along side that, the Top Hat espresso will begin to flow. 

Things are starting to come together.

Well, my mind has been full of things I need to do, and at times it gets a bit overwhelming starting a business for the first time, but I have to remember to take it one step at a time. Yesterday I purchased the cargo van that I will be using to take me and my equipment to the events. Today I got the thing insured which is always fun, and tomorrow is exciting because I will be having a couple great friends of mine helping me do the photo shoot so that I can put some awesome pictures up on the website.

Business cards are on their way as well. So, there are a few things left until I'll be up and rolling, but this week is about being thankful, since Wednesday is thanksgiving. I couldn't be more thankful this year. I'm getting married to the best girl in the world in less than a month, and I've been blessed in the starting stages of this business venture.  Well, I pray that everyone has an enjoyable holiday and has something to be thankful for as well.


Feels like Christmas!

So, my name is Tim Pearson, (owner of Top Hat espresso). I figured today would be a great day to start my blog, considering my espresso machine came in the mail today! Not only that, but loads of things came today. I got all my flavor syrups, tablecloth, chai latte mix, and loads of other toys that wouldn't really appeal to you, but do me all kinds of good in the forefront of starting this business. 

So, I spent most of today, piecing things together and working out all the kinks. Finally after hours of frustration and confusion, .....she was ready to pull a shot of espresso. I scrounged up some fresh beans and ran them through the brand new grinder. The espresso (ethiopian sidamo) was delicious! I shared a shot of espresso, and a dark chocolate hazelnut latte with my dad, and we both really enjoyed them. (and that means a lot since my dad claims to not like coffee) I doubt he'll be sleeping tonight.

Well, things are coming together quickly now, and I hope to be serving guests of your event or party withing the next couple weeks.